Eros Renzetti, Roma, 1965

Eros Renzetti is an Italian artist.
He was a model in the 1980s for photographer Eddy Brofferio and since 1979 a pupil of the visionary artists Fabrizio Clerici and Leonor Fini.
To whom, in some ways, his visionary and surreal style draws inspiration.
Not of the canonical Surrealism but of that which characterised the neo-romantic artists, such as Eugene Berman, Christian Bérard, Pavel Tchelitchew, who were very close to Fini and Clerici.
Renzetti has exhibited in major shows and in 2011 at the Venice Biennale, Arsenale, Italian Pavilion.
Lives and works in Rome

I have chosen to present the painter Eros Renzetti at the Italian Pavillon of the Venice Biennale, at the Corderie, because I find him both greatly impressive and convincing. His figures of men wearing a helmet – similar to the one worn by Dodona’s warrior – seen from the side, his faces, nudes, “tattoos” and above all his colours remind me of the great Surrealist painting of Leonor Fini, Fabrizio Clerici and Alberto Savinio.”

Vincenzo Consolo (presentation by the artist Eros Renzetti at the Venice Biennale).