Monserrato Arte ‘900
Under the Patronage of
Nessuno Tocchi Caino

One-year history:EROS RENZETTIArtists united in an unusual location:the Church of Saint Lucia del Gonfalone in Rome.

edited by Vincenzo Mazzarella and Paolo Bielli

Rome, Church of Saint Lucia del Gonfalone,  May 10-23  2015

Artists united, in an unusual place, like the Flag Church of Saint Lucia in Rome. Each one represents a religious festival over the course of one year from 18 February 2015 Ash Wednesday until February 2, 2016 Presentation in the Temple. Every
artist will exhibit a work for the event of the day, a symbolic moment of our humanity and a place for our remembrance. One cannot escape the memory of our fathers and our deceased. History is made for the future. History is a turn of events, so every moment of these
days will be pure meditation. Everyone will be united: believers, atheists and agnostics as meditation brings that common denominator that is love for yourself and for your neighbour.

Eros Renzetti
Shadow box (Apparizione), 2015
legno, plastica, stoffa, strass, lustrini, paillettes, luce led, 90 x 70 x 17 cm

The Church of Saint Lucia del Gonfalone in Rome
© Photo: Riccardo De Antonis

Featured artists:
Nedda Guidi 18-21 febbraio 2015
Paolo Bielli 22-28 febbraio 2015
Ak2deru 1-7 marzo 2015
Susanne Kessler 8-14 marzo 2015
Riccardo de Antonis 15-21 marzo 2015
Marina Haas 22-24 marzo 2015
Laura Marcucci Cambellotti 25-28 marzo 2015
Giancarlino Benedetti Corcos dal 29 marzo al 2 aprile 2015
Ascanio Renda 12-28 aprile 2015
Elena Pinzuti dal 29 aprile al 9 maggio 2015
Eros Renzetti 10-23 maggio 2015

Church of Saint Lucia del Gonfalone, Rome
Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 12 00186 Rome
Sunday, May 10 2015 17:00
May 10-23 2015
11.00 – 13.00 | 17.00 18.30