Circolo Culturale “Florestano Rossoman­di” / Museo Civico “C. G. Nicastro”

From fragments of the sacredto the recomposition of the myth

edited by Rocco Marino

Bovino (Foggia, Apulia), Circolo Culturale “Florestano Rossoman­di” / Museo Civico “C. G. Nicastro”
July 31-August 15 2016

Sunday, July 31 will be held at the Cultural Circle “Florestan Rossomandi” and the Civic Museum “Carlo Gaetano Nicastro” of Bovino the inauguration of the exhibition “From fragments of the sacred to the recomposition of the myth”, organized by the Cultural Circle “Florestan Rossomandi” and Rocco Marino, curator of the exhibition. The inauguration will take part in the Municipal Administration of Bovino, Prof. Pompeo D’Andrea, President of the Cultural Circle “Florestan Rossomandi”, Prof. Nunzia Roccotelli, President of the Civic Museum “Carlo Gaetano Nicastro” and dr. Rocco Marino, Curator of the exhibition.
”From fragments of the sacred to the recomposition of the myth” it aims to stimulate a timely reflection on the ethics, wanting to rebuild from the fragmentation of the sacred, thus recovering the essence of the values of Christian civilization, to the recomposition of the myth, seen not only as corpus of literary traditions, but also as an inexhaustible source of values that still characterize Western civilization,” wrote the curator Rocco Marino.

Eros Renzetti
Yellow Profile, 2002
vinyl on PVC, 23 5⁄8 x 23 5⁄8 inches (60 x 60 cm)
Currently exhibited at the Cultural Circle “Rossomandi” of Bovino

“From fragments of the sacred to the recomposition of the myth” it comes from the idea of stimulating a contemporary reflection on the ethics, in which religion is often misrepresented, used improperly to justify actions and behaviors that go against every rule of civil life, if not against human life itself. Hence the project of breaking the sacred, strip it of accretions that centuries of history you have deposited as scales on a hopelessly lost wreck, to bring out the real form and, on the contrary, to reconstruct the myth that there has come to the fragmentary state, which it lost its strong ethical connotations, to be able to retrieve the value and finally merge the two results in one model that could constitute the starting point for a new way of seeing and understanding life. This dualism is symbolically represented in the choice of two venues for the exhibition, the Cultural Circle “Florestano Rossomandi”, located precisely in Cathedral Square, which will host the works dedicated to the fragmentation of the sacred and the Civic Museum “Carlo Gaetano Nicastro” that will allow a regular dialogue between the present findings, among which are the stars, and contemporary works of art dedicated to the reconstruction of the myth. Among the works on display in the Circle we can remember a conceptual reinterpretation of the popular styles its ex-voto in Incoronata Madonna, a work by Marina Haas; the attractiveness of a San Gerardo, that a new movie star, offers the cross to the viewer like a product you’re advertising, produced by Eros Renzetti and finally an Epiphany, in which the divine light, scientifically analyzed and reinterpreted according the feelings of Vincent Van Gogh, dominates the human sphere represented by a semicircle on which stand the three crowns of the three Kings, work of Michelangelo Pietradura. In the museum, however, the Marina Haas silhouettes stand out like modern stelae, monolithic size and presence and, at the same time made very light by the use of bright colors; the warrior of Dodona of Eros Renzetti proudly shows a lytic profile that appears to be from distant era, the Centauromachia Mario Bernardini static upsets that balance and granite that the other works in the show unflappable manner.

Rocco Marino

Upper Saint Gerardo Majella, the work is currently exhibited at the Civic Museum of Bovino

Saint Gerardo Majella (1726-1755) oil on canvas, Ø 27 9⁄16 inches (Ø 70 cm) executed by Eros Renzetti on the occasion of the exhibition “Visions of Saints and mystical love”; exposed from October 16, 2015 in the Church of Sant’Anna e Morti, Deliceto curated by Vincenzo Mazzarella and Rocco Marino under the patronage of the municipality of Deliceto in collaboration with Monserrato Arte ‘900 and Nessuno tocchi Caino

Rocco Marino, has created two small precious exhibits in Bovino,
 in a Circle “Rossomandi”
on the religious theme and the other to the Museum of Bovino,
 the title is emblematic
“From fragments of the sacred to the recomposition of the myth”.
It all religion is myth, the works of artists in dialogue with each other in the first exposure,
had never encountered, so we have a victorious San Gerardo of Eros Renzetti, who
also eliminates red clouds behind him, a keen interpretation of language
Art Nouveau and Art Deco Michelangelo Pietradura, his Magi become
an illustration of fables from “Book of Hours”. An ex-voto on Incoronata,
which it is a pure shock, created by Marina Haas, on fabric and is strongly
influenced by popular air
although he imbued by his flair as an artist.
The Lori lends itself to the transfiguration with a
concentrated light, where
you can not guess a presence- absence of Christ.
Alessandro Costa creates for Lent a painting, a desert, a fissure of Burri,
where it stands a sovereign kneeler, pure meditation and penance.
Renata Maccaro creates a strong transfigured image of St. Ignatius of Loyola
with a light in his chest, the sacred has inflamed the saint. Lino Frongia plays
with the Blessed Welcome
a few telling strokes, Blessed plays with the sacred Child,
the pencil is black, just a little ‘yellow behind, San Welcome to play
 It vanishes and
so it is a headless body, in its place is the holy Child. 
In the Museum interact with
the exhibits and anthropomorphic stele
between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.
Here Marina Haas has created three silhouettes of people close to her, are very colorful,
are themselves the stars, do not talk, they are. Eros Renzetti with Dodona Warrior
colors makes an appearance mythical, of a mythical warrior, a light and another light.
Mario Bernardini, engages with the Centaurs, a subject of strong derivation
Classical-sixteenth century with contrasting colors to show the battle.
Pietradura Michelangelo painted a dark cave, the center is golden, invites us to visit
mystery of the lost city and the tree of the Metamorphoses with a Daphne transformed into Lauro,
It stands already imbued with the green nature. The Veridiana Patacchini is an ancient fresco
turns it into a valuable eighteenth-century lady, is a tear of fresco or is the last appearance 
Pompadour or a permanent saint in heaven, you see and think. 
Two small exhibitions curator
Rocco Marino has made it necessary to visit
 Bovino and create a new life.

Vincenzo Mazzarella

Featured artists:
Mario Bernardini
Alessandro Costa
Lino Frongia
Giuseppe Graziosi
Marina Haas
Sara Lori
Renata Maccaro
Verdiana Patacchini
Michelangelo Pietradura
Elena Pinzuti
Eros Renzetti

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Piazza Marino Boffa | Palazzo Pisani, 71023 Bovino, Italia
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