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Inauguration with Celtic Music: Friday 4 August 7 PM-12 AM
4-15 August 2017

Art Dynasty Gallery, with headquarters in Moscow, Geneva, and Forte dei Marmi, an international art gallery – the result of the investment and passion of an important Russian business group – is pleased to present, in its space at Forte dei Marmi, Metamorphosis, an exhibition by Eros Renzetti. The works of Eros Renzetti have bodies and faces as key figures that appear within opalescent spaces, giving rise to mysterious nonsense with a strong visionary impact. This anthological exhibition aligns the early designs of the artist from the late seventies, in an expressionist style, to his works of the eighties, where the visionary element is predominant. Visionaryism will accompanies Renzetti in his paintings from the nineties, up to his latest works characterised by stylistic elements – consolidated in his imagination – like knights harnessed to the implausible. Vincenzo Consolo, who presented him at the Venice Biennale in 2011, writes: “The work of this artist greatly impressed and convinced me. His figures of helpless men – like the Dodona warrior – seen in profile, his facial ‘presences’, his nudes, his ‘tattoos’, and most of all his colours, reminded me of the great surrealist paintings…”; or as Silvia Pegoraro writes, when presenting him to a collective in Vasto in 2016: “Through his art, Eros Renzetti gives life to an original, fantasy and science fiction, redesign of canons and icons of Greek-Roman classicism… The same can be said for the sculpture, which gives body to mythological figures such as the majestic and disarming one of Aracne [on display]: a mixed media and hyperbolically ‘ornate’ sculpture, by Renzetti, which overthrows the Winckelmannian neoclassical canon in baroque hyperbole. Like a piece of poetry that refers to metamorphosis and disguise, in a theatrical and provocative Mise-en-scène.” In the exhibition, as well as drawings and oils – like a painting of the series of “anatomical heads” that Marisa Zattini, in 2006, describes: “…Eros Renzetti paints the perturbing Anatomical head in profile, in an ieratic pose, with a mythological and monochromatic plot that intensely expresses the magic of the mimetic depth of man’s brain.” – there will also be limited prints, printed in Giclée. For some of these Lorenzo Canova in 2012 highlighted: “… the glamorous and indecipherable mask plotted with electronic brushes by Eros Renzetti, is a metaphor of extraterrestrial beauty combining the changing epidermis of a star-shaped reptile to the features of a model cyborg.” The exhibition shows some sculptures in various materials and a warrior’s head with the evocative name of Hylas, enamelled, glittered and gold-plated, made this year by bottega d’arte ceramica Gatti di Faenza; Mauro Carrera commented on this in 2008: “I can say that Eros Renzetti is one of the latest paladins of a glamorous aesthetic that is very close to Cocteau’s. Metallica elegance and ambiguous sensuality bring to mind the iconography of the famous Jeune homme profiles, which we all know as a sublime form of aesthetic love. Renzetti masterfully renders this passion. This is how the ancient profession is revived of those who create beauty. As visionaries they first recognise beauty, then imagine it, then offer it.”

Eros Renzetti was born in Rome in 1965. He studied at the State Art Institute and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. He was a pupil and personal assistant to Fabrizio Clerici as well as being associated with Leonor Fini from the 80’s until her death. His works were featured in the Sixth International Biennial of Il Cairo, Egypt. His paintings and sculptures represent male subjects of warriors, in luminescent colours, in static poses. These science-fiction figures in profile, with aerodynamic helmets, bull-like necks and elongated frontal eyes are reminiscent of those depicted by ancient Egyptians as well as Giotto. In 2011, Eros was invited by Vittorio Sgarbi to the Venice Biennale, presented by Vincenzo Consolo. Two different monographs have been written about his work and among his many exhibitions are: Rosa, Roma, Monserrato Arte ‘900, 2017; Monster, Roma, Bat-Gallery/Studio Milani, 2017; Tiny Biennale. Yellow/Giallo, Roma, Gallery of Art Temple Univesity, 2017; La Bestia e la Bella, Roma, Studio S-Arte Contemporanea, 2016; Spiriti Ardenti fra arte & fotografia, Cesena, Galleria Comunale d’Arte, 2016; Archeologie a venire. Metamorfosi dell’antico e del classico nell’arte contemporanea italiana, Vasto, Scuderie di Palazzo Aragona, 2016; Expo Arte Italiana, Varedo (MB), Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, 2015; Tu quoque. Artisti per il cesaricidio, Roma, Palazzetto Art Gallery, 2015; Lettera d’amore, Roma, Monserrato Arte ‘900, 2014; La rètina lucente, Termoli, Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea, 2012; 54. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte La Biennale di Venezia, Venezia, Arsenale Padiglione Italia, Giardini-Arsenale, 2011; Quindici artisti in memoria della Shoah, Tel Aviv, Old Jaffa Museum, 2011; Omaggio a de Chirico, Miami, Saint Thomas High School, New York, New York University, Los Angeles, Sculpture Foundation di Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, 2010; Leonor Fini L’Italienne de Paris, Trieste, Museo Revoltella, 2009; Giffoni Film Festival. Artabù. Icone della trasgressione, Giffoni-Valle Piana (Salerno), Convento di San Francesco, 2009; Jean Cocteau le joli coeur. Omaggio ”alla moda” di un seduttore, Milano, Palazzo delle Stelline, Centre culturel français, 2008; Uroburo o dell’Eterno Ritorno (omaggio a Cocteau), Parma, Archivio di Stato, 2005; La natura e l’uomo, Roma, Complesso del Vittoriano, 2004; Cleopatra. Da Michelangelo all’Arte Contemporanea, Alessandria (Egitto), Alexandria Center of Art, 2003; Ventiquattro artisti per Umbria Jazz, Perugia, Rocca Paolina, 1998; Sesta Biennale Internazionale del Cairo. Padiglione italiano, Il Cairo (Egitto), The National Centre of Fine Arts,1996-1997; L’Altra Arte?, Roma, Palazzo Barberini, 1996.


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Eros Renzetti, Hylas I, 2017, glazed earthenware sculpture, gold finish h.42 x 22 x 21 cm, Edition of 9 specimens, made by Bottega d’arte Ceramica Gatti di Faenza. © Eros Renzetti