Eros Renzetti

Born in Rome in 1965. Lives and works in Rome.

He studied at the Istituto Statale d’Arte Goldsmith and jewelery Art and Set Design State Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. He is a student and assistant of Fabrizio Clerici and attended by eighty years, until his death, Leonor Fini. He takes part in the Sixth International Biennial of Cairo. His paintings represent male subjects of warriors, represented with luminescent colors, in static poses. These science fiction figures in profile, with aerodynamic helmets and bullfighting hills, inherit stretched and frontal eyes depicted them as the ancient Egyptians and Giotto. In 2011 he was invited to the Venice Biennale in the Arsenale. Two monographs have been written about his work; the last: Eros Renzetti. It happened one day, Damiani publisher. Among his recent group, in 2015, it is present at the Expo Arte Contemporanea in Milan at Villa Bagatti Valsecchi in Varedo by Vittorio Sgarbi.


“I have chosen to present the painter Eros Renzetti at the Italian Pavillon of the Venice Biennale, at the Corderie, because I find him both greatly impressive and convincing. His figures of men wearing a helmet - similar to the one worn by Dodona’s warrior - seen from the side, his faces, nudes, “tattoos” and above all his colours remind me of the great Surrealist painting of Leonor Fini, Fabrizio Clerici and Alberto Savinio.”

Vincenzo Consolo

Eros – Giancarlo, the name with which he was christened, is now just a memory stored in the births registry- Renzetti was born in Rome on the 8th of February. It might seem a quirk at first but Eros is the name his family has affectionately called him from the very beginning, given his startling resemblance to his brother, who was stillborn two thirteen months previously, and whose name was Eros.

Like Dalí, who always felt the inward presence of his brother, died three years before Dalí was born and who had looked a great deal like him, Eros too grew up with this arcane sentiment of the double. He soon began to dedicate himself to drawing and experimenting with various techniques since, from an early age, he had a notion that once he was an adult he would be an artist. A vivid memory that Eros would cherish from childhood was seeing the film Ziegfeld Follies starring Fred Astaire and being impressed by the sets and by the costumes worn for those perfectly synchronized and perfect dances.

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