ACcordaMenti – Act V

"Arachne" and other Metamorphosisof Isabella Corda

edited by  Roberta Giulieni

Varco, via Fanfulla da Lodi 1 Roma, June 12, 2016

For its fifth edition ACcordaMenti presents an eventful evening. The artists involved propose performances, installations and videos that revolve around the theme of mythology and metamorphosis.
The history of mythology is full of stories where the central element is the transformation that intervenes to allow the resolution of a conflict, a change in status that allows the evolution of the individual and the community. In art the theme of metamorphosis remains central: the artist’s transvestism, his ability to transform the subject matter to go beyond simple daily use makes us reflect on the role of art as a bearer of critical thinking within the society.
The metamorphosis from which creative interference suggested by ACcordaMenti is Arachne, the performance by Isabella Corda, in Dolcissima Bastarda, creator of the review. A common thread represented by an interest in Japanese art, Isabella’s shibari talks with the butoh dance by Tiziana Cesarini suggesting an original work. The two artists bring to the stage the story of Athena and Arachne, a young weaver that the goddess transforms into a spider. The ancient threads woven by Arachne in the expert hands of Isabella become jute ropes that catch and draw the body of the dancer and the surrounding space, inhabited 
by a large frame which is enriched by ropes in a fascinating work in progress. Following the metamorphosis suggested by: Paulo Bielli, Daniele Casolino, Eros Renzetti, Marco Casolino, Lara Cetta, Luisa Contarello, Marco Fioramanti, Heidi Hirvonen, Nilde Mastrosimone de Troyli, Cristiano Quagliozzi, Silvia Scaringella. The exhibition, curated by Roberta Giulieni.

Isabella Corda in a time of performance
© Ph Eros Renzetti
Eros Renzetti
Black mask, 2016
resin, plastic elements, ropes,  22 x 50 cm
Mask for Isabella Corda
Isabella Corda in  four times the performance
© Ph Eros Renzetti
Tiziana Cesarini in four times the performance
© Ph Eros Renzetti
Five times the performance with Isabella Corda and Tiziana Cesarini
© Ph Eros Renzetti
Three moments of the performance with Tiziana Cesarini
© Ph Eros Renzetti
Three moments of the performance with Isabella Corda and Tiziana Cesarini
© Ph Eros Renzetti
The curator of the exhibition Roberta Giulieni
© Ph Eros Renzetti
Eros Renzetti
resin, sand, cords, plastic, solid polyurethane foam, silicone, 50 x 40 x 22 cm
Sculpture exhibited as part of the performance

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